Safety is our top priority and the first thing we assess on the job site. Every Tricon 3 Construction employee understands the importance of safety and that it is a Condition of Employment with the company. Our safety mindset results in quality construction that is a positive experience for both customers and employees. Preventing incidents also controls costs by saving time and money.

The construction industry can be very rewarding. We have the opportunity to build unique projects, solve complex problems, offer cost-effective solutions and bring real joy and excitement to our clients. However, our industry also comes with inherent risks such as working at heights, working with heavy equipment, and electrical hazards. Tricon 3 Construction is committed to continued Safety Training coupled with the use of first-class personal protective equipment. These practices do not eliminate our exposure to hazardous activities but it lessens the risks.

Quality Control Program

Tricon 3 Construction enforces a stringent Quality Control (QC) program that is utilized on all projects to ensure the highest level of quality. Tricon 3 has a formal review process to maintain quality standards that begins with identifying potential design and material selection conflicts.

Before construction begins, the Quality Control Manager prepares Pre-Construction checklists and completes a thorough review of the project’s plans and specifications, manufacturer’s guidelines for the selected materials and any other governing body’s standards that apply.

After identifying any instances of conflict among document requirements, manufacturer’s recommendations and applicable standards, a pre-installation meeting is held with Tricon 3 Construction field personnel and Quality Control staff, the architect, the product manufacturer and the sub-contractor to resolve these issues.

From this meeting, a checklist is created to use in the field to ensure that the potential conflicts and issues are not neglected during construction. The same checklist is used by superintendents and QC personnel to perform daily and weekly quality control inspections. Each new project refines our QC program process with new insights, experiences and critical items. Our unique process is yet another way Tricon 3 Construction is exceeding expectations.